On this page, you'll find recorded testimonials from various people who have past experiences working with the Wanumetonomy Grounds Team. This will hopefully provide an objective, outside perspective on what it's like working with us to provide viewers with more clarity and nonbiased information.

Harry and Juan on the golf course!

Harry Harvey, Team Member 2018-2019

"My time at Wanumetonomy was great, as every morning I got to enjoy the great environment of seeing many different animals roaming the course that came along with each morning task. I especially enjoyed building the many friendships from the team, that I'm still in contact with today. Finally, the one great aspect of working on the golf course is that you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor by playing golf on the course you work at!!"

Joe Oliviera, Golf Course Superintendent at Green Valley Country Club in Portsmouth, RI:

"I had the good fortune of being one of the first Golf Course Superintendents here on Aquidneck Island to welcome Shaun Marcellus upon his arrival at Wanumetonomy. We became fast friends and soon began working together during aeration time, sending crew members and equipment and working together at one another's courses. Shaun and his crew are a pleasure to work with on every level. Professional and genuine is the best way for me to sum up my experiences with the crew at Wanumetonomy."

Alex Brake, Team Member 2019-2020

"I worked at Wanumetonomy for about a year and a half. In that time I was given the chance to expand my knowledge of the turf industry, the grounds crew was made up of a good group of guys that taught me many things. Wanumetonomy is a beautiful course and great place to get into the golf industry because the people there are very experienced and can teach you a lot.