#10 Green Irrigation Update

Sprinkler Head Relocation

During the 2020 season, we extended the right edge of #10 Green to allow for more pin locations (places you can put the cup and flagstick). While successful, the two sprinkler heads that were previously located in the collar were in the green as a result. To ensure these sprinkler heads did not remain a hindrance to play, we needed to relocate them closer to the extreme right-hand side edge of the green. To achieve this, we broke the project up into steps to better manage the process.

Step 1: The Dig

  • Remove the sod around the sprinkler head and set off to the side

  • Dig down and expose outgoing and ingoing wires to prevent damage to it and to enable us to run both wires to the new head locations

  • Find the pipes that brings water to the heads because we needed to cut them to allow for installation of a T coupling in their places. The Ts enable us to put in the new pipes that would deliver water to the new head locations

  • Dig the trenches to the extreme right-hand side of the green to the new head locations

Step 2: Cut and Fuse

  • Cut the pipes to make way for the new Ts and pipe installation

  • Fuse (melt together) the Ts to the new pipes and then fuse that to the swing arms that attach to the sprinkler heads to complete installation

  • Splice in (connecting two wires together) the new wire to run to the sprinkler heads

  • Splice in sprinkler heads

Step 3: Backfill and Sod Replacement

We brought in a couple cart loads of new loam to backfill because the old soil was not sufficient

One layer at a time...

Making sure to bury the wires deep enough

Leveling and getting it ready for sod

Replacing the sod piece by piece

You can see how close the heads are located to the bunker edge now

Almost finished!

Top photo is the sprinkler head on the right. Bottom photo is the sprinkler head on the left.

The two newly relocated sprinkler heads can be seen on the left and right

Win-Win Scenario

Now that those sprinkler heads have been relocated, the grounds crew can more effectively aerify, mow, and irrigate #10 green. Most importantly, our members can enjoy more pin locations and play more of the green.