Course Improvement!

At opportune times during the season, we turn our focus towards course function and aesthetics to better improve the overall experience for our members. Specifically, this means aspects of the golf course that involve features such as cart paths and practice areas. While our main concentration is golf course playing conditions, those other areas need attention as well!

#2 Tee Cart Path

Down at the end of the cart path leading from #2 tee, we had a couple of issues:

  • Water was collecting where the red circles are. It wasn't running or draining away from this area

  • As a result, the soil was unevenly distributed and creating an extreme dip off the end of the path leading into a large hump, which made cart travel very uncomfortable for everyone (BIG bumps)

  • The surrounding turf was compacted, thin, and just plain dead in most of the area

This is the finished product. We decided to do the following:

  • Cut and remove the sod and save whatever we can for later replacement (we had to dispose of a large amount)

  • Use the excavator bucket to loosen the soil (very compacted) and to grade it to allow for better water flow away from the area

  • Fix the dip/hump at the end of the cart path to allow for a smooth ride from the path to the rough

  • Replace the sod we saved and add new sod to restore the area

1st person view cutting sod

Removing the sod on the hump!

Graded, smooth, and ready for sod

Cart Path Restoration: Continued!

We took the opportunity provided by a Monday outing to install some new sod in areas that we've had our eye on for a while. The areas with new sod installed are: the clubhouse lawn/cart barn area along the cart path leading to the clubhouse, the beginning of 9 Green cart path, and 15 Green backside bunker and cart path...

9 Green Cart Path

15 Green backside bunker

15 Green cart path