#6 Fairway Drainage

This is a picture of the area just behind the fairway bunkers on the right of 6 Fairway. Over the years, we've noticed this area gets wet and stays wet when it rains, so we decided to open it up with our mini excavator to see what was going on.

Both ends of the old broken pipe

Close up

The T that the excavator dug up

This is what we found... an old irrigation line that was collecting rain water through either a crack or an elbow farther up the line. To remedy this, we cut the ends off the pipe and glued caps on the new ends to make sure water doesn't build up and contribute to this location always being wet.

Caps are glued on and ready to go

Drain stone is in

Sod back to where it belongs

We've addressed the problem, now it's time to backfill. To allow water to move through and away from the area, we put a load of drain (smaller) stone as a base layer, then added fresh loam and placed the sod back. Now when you move through that area, you can see the fruits of our labor because it's never wet anymore!