Practice Area Update

Wanumetonomy houses two practice areas for its members: a putting green where #1 tee is located and another near the Grounds Team shop and equipment storage buildings. Last season, we installed a chipping area (approach height of cut) and rebuilt our nursery green with the plugs from core aerification the fall of 2020.

Originally, there were two practice bunkers, but it was recently decided by the Member Committee to remove the bunker nearest the net. We, the Grounds Team, decided to take the opportunity to install another sprinkler head and to restore the area with new sod to what the Member Committee desired.

Using the excavator to dig the trench for the new pipe

Another view of the new trench

After the pipe and new wires have been installed, it's time to backfill

Chico using the compactor! Also a view of where the new sprinkler head was installed

Always Looking to Improve

This newly renovated practice area is vastly upgraded from what it had become. We are very lucky to have such an engaged membership because they present us with these wonderful opportunities to improve the golf course for them and for our crew. Looking forward to the next one!