Meet Our Team


As the Golf Course Superintendent since 2018, we have made many changes to the course and culture of the team. Our goal every day is to give our members and guests a great experience here at Wanumetonomy Golf and Country Club. It starts with our membership who has allowed us to make these changes both agronomically and culturally. Furthermore, it moves to our dedicated team who comes to work daily to put out amazing conditions. Without all of your support, we cannot achieve greatness. I hope you get to scroll through our team and put a name to the face, as these team members make me want to come to work every day!! Hopefully, we will see you on this page someday soon as well, we look forward to meeting new team members!!

Tyler is a new addition to our team for the 2021 season. He is one of our Assistant Superintendents. Tyler has a passion for the game of golf and golf course maintenance. He shows up every day with a positive attitude and looks forward to working with his team members to provide great conditions for our members and guests.  



Ethan is a new addition to our team for the 2022 season. He is one of our Assistant Superintendents in Training. With backgrounds in both golf course maintenance and landscape construction, as well as a love for the game of golf, he will make a valuable addition to our team. Ethan is eager to learn what it takes to become a Golf Course Superintendent, while also giving out advice to others based on his past work experiences.



Jimmy is also a new addition to our team for the 2021 season. He is our equipment manager and is responsible for taking excellent care of our tools of the trade. Jimmy is a life long Aquidneck islander, loves to play golf, and has desire to take on new challenges. He joined our team after a thirteen year career in the farming industry.

Chico is our Crew Foreman. He makes sure the job gets done right. Discipline, hard work, and passion define all that he does, and he plays an integral role in influencing our team culture. He loves being the first one on the golf course and spending time with his family!



Juan is our most experienced team member. He can maintain the entire golf course with his eyes closed. He loves to joke around and keep the team entertained. When results are the priority, Juan will be on the frontlines.

Norman is our x-factor team member. He is a life-long Wanumetonomy Club Member as well as a Grounds Team Member. His perspective from being a dual-type member is indispensable to the Grounds Team because he sees the course as a golfer while simultaneously working to improve it. You will see him on his rough-mower forty hours a week striping up the course and having a great time doing it. 



The Grounds Team at Wanumetonomy depends on Jeff for his experience and expertise operating mowers of all types and sizes on every surface of the golf course. He used to own and operate his own landscaping company and we value those skills that he brings to the team. Jeff is always looking for more ways to be an asset to the Grounds Team, and is always setting the best example for all of us.